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“Sally May and I worked together in one of the world’s largest energy companies years ago. She was and (still is) a glamorous lady who would not go unnoticed anywhere… she exudes positivity, beauty and health! Now that I have read her secrets about how to look and feel fabulous, I believe that ‘a luxuriously healthy and abundant life starts from the heart’. Thanks for sharing your wealth with us, Sally May. You are a great inspiration to me.”
– Ebru Tiberi, Fraud Investigation Specialist

“With firsthand experience in the corporate world, Sally May Tan knows how challenging it can be to cultivate health and wellness in the workplace.  She is passionate about teaching others to advocate for their health and in her book Wellness, The New Luxury, she artfully helps us understand the steps we can take to feel our best while chasing our professional dreams.”
– Rosaline Chow Koo, Chief Executive Officer, CXA

“Sally, I finished reading your book, and sincerely, it’s very good! You have seamlessly created a direct link with me, the reader, in a tone almost as if you are sharing some sort of secret and important news from a sister to her brother…very nice, indeed. Well done!”
– Francois Dubrulle, Investor and Businessman